End of Year Review

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In 2018, we found our groove. We partnered with great organizations, and got to meet hundreds of new babes! Our digital platform expanded significantly, we took the summer off to chill and celebrated our first birthday in the fall with babe vendors from all West Virginia!

We want to take a look back at our year, and plan for our future!

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We had GREAT venues this year! Follow and support these great space:

  • 123 Pleasant Street

  • River & Rail Bakery

  • The Peddler

  • Ooh La Lucy

  • Black Sheep Burritos

  • MESH & Makeshop

  • East End Bazaar

  • Tulsi at the Market

  • Rock City Cake Co

  • Taylor Books

  • Charleston Habitat for Humanity


2018 brought us a slew of new partners. We screened the Academy award nominated short, Heroin(e), talked gender pay equity, had skincare classes, and told stories of reproductive justice, among other events!

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Next year, we want to be LOUDER and more intentional about our work. We want to do better amplifying people of color and non-binary folks and working towards race and gender equity. We want to teach, learn more in our individual communities and on a statewide level to help babes be civic responsible and engaged. We want to continue our space-making work and explore how we can be better students and facilitators for ourselves and our supporters towards equality. Let us know how we can better serve you, no matter what your needs are.

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