Opinion: "Your Turn"

Do yourself a favor - go get a massage. Run - don’t walk - to get one. I know… who has extra time and money? Especially to spend on themselves? I would suggest you do whatever it takes to make the extra time and money. I’m talking one hour to yourself. 60 whole minutes of relaxation. No phones, no kids asking you for things, no work emails to worry about. Just a whole blissful hour of someone else completely focused on you. Ladies - when was the last time your partner spent more than 7 awkward minutes on you? Who hasn’t given a bomb ass massage to their partner and then said, “my turn,” and they oddly poked and prodded at your body until you were so uncomfortable that you decided it would be better to just not be touched? So many women that I know are so busy making sure that everyone in their lives are taken care, that they always put themselves last. Whether it’s making dinner for your family, or doing all of the grocery shopping, or being the only one who knows how to fold and put laundry away after it’s been cleaned, on top of having a full time job - oh and bleeding profusely for one week out of each month.I got a massage today. I walked into a quiet, softly lit room and laid on a heated table, while an actual angel rubbed the stress that had manifested itself into terribly tight muscles out of my body. She took warm stones and placed them on my back in all the right places. She rubbed essential oils into my skin that left me feeling softer than any baby that has ever existed. As I was elevating out of my own body into a place of pure bliss and relaxation, I got to thinking about how many times I have put my own comfort last. How many awkward physical interactions I have had with people that I went along with because I wanted to make sure the other person was enjoying themselves. How many times I have gotten terrible sleep laying next to my partner because I actually don’t want to be touched when I’m sleeping because I get too hot and then I toss and turn. How many times I haven’t wanted to hug or kiss a family member, but the expectation was there because that’s just what you’re supposed to do. Well - the end is near. It’s time to take back our comfort. It’s time to say “no” to other people and say “yes” to ourselves. Get that manicure. Hit snooze one more time in the morning. Eat whatever you want. But above all - get a massage. And don’t be awkward like me and say “your turn” to the massage therapist when your time is up.