To Travel the World


For all the ladies that attended the December HTN Boss Babes event you are familiar with the topic New Year's Intentions not New Year's Resolutions. This topic inspired me to share the story of my 2017 New Year’s Intention.

Year after year, I always went with the "resolution" of losing weight and time after time it failed. When the ball dropped and 2016 ended I decided to make 2017 a year of intentions, a year of something I wanted to do more of. I had always dreamed of seeing the world but never set a goal or even thought it could be possible. I am from a small town in Ohio, graduated with 49 students in my class. Seeing the world, even stepping foot outside of the country seemed unrealistic. I grew up with posters of the Eiffel tower on my bedroom walls dreaming of the day that I might actually get to see it in person. Little did I know my dream would become a reality. Armed with my 2017 intentions I sat down and set a goal to travel at least once every month to a new place whether that be a country, state, city or neighborhood. Now of course I didn’t make it on every trip and my plan changed over time but it opened up my horizons to so many new views. You can see below the breakdown of my 2017 travels.

January: Baltimore, MD

February: Columbus, OH

March: Kennewick, WA

April: Salt Lake City, Utah

May: Lexington, KY

June: Fairborn, OH

July: Louisville, KY; Lancaster, OH

August: Taipei, Taiwan

September: Paris, France; Krakow, Poland; Munich, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Amsterdam, Netherlands

October: Merriville, IN; Chicago, IL

November: Nashville, TN

December: Knoxville, TN

Through my travels I have learned a lot! And I mean a lot. I have learned when to be frugal and how to be frugal. How to let go when you need to splurge on a special trip or experience. How to manage my stress when things don’t go as planned, AKA missing a train or two. How to maximize my time off from work (8-5 grind). To be open to chatting with strangers because you will be surprised how much you have in common. Life is short, the world is big and there is so much more to learn. I’m excited to take you along my journey and to share my learnings with you.

How are you acting on your New Year’s Intentions?

Until next time,

Courtney Flint