BEAUTY REVIEW: TARTE Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation


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A little over a month ago, Tarte released their much-anticipated Shape Tape Foundation. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer has a cult following, so it only makes sense that the brand would release a sequel. I was a huge fan of the concealer, so naturally I wanted to give the foundation a shot. Although there was a ton of hype surrounding this product, like most sequels, Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation did not live up to the original.


Released in late January 2018, Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation is one of the newest foundations to launch from Tarte. It is a hypoallergenic, “luminous”-finish gel foundation that claims to feature the same iconic, buildable full coverage as shape tape concealer.

This foundation is Vegan & Cruelty Free


“Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation provides buildable, longwearing coverage in a skin-smoothing, weightless gel. The collagen & hyaluronic acid-packed formula continuously hydrates while helping to plump skin & refine pores, without creasing, caking or fading for 12 hours.”


As you can see, the shade range is… disappointing to say the least. Only 2 shades out of the 15 shown here are even somewhat deep. With brands like Fenty Beauty and even Maybelline offering dozens of shades to choose from, Tarte should honestly know better. Being inclusive is the standard in the beauty world today. The range of pale shades are poor, as well. I purchased the palest shade available (Porcelain), and it was still too dark.

Shades from top to bottom: porcelain, fair-light neutral, fair beige, light-medium sand, light-neutral, light sand, light-medium beige, medium sand, light-medium honey, medium honey, medium-tan honey, tan sand, medium neutral, deep honey, and mahogany.


Since I have very, very dry skin (think Sahara desert dry), I chose to purchase the Hydrating formula over the Matte formula of this foundation. This foundation has a wand applicator, which was a cool throwback to the original Shape Tape Concealer. Honestly, I always prefer a pump, but the wand wasn’t too bad, and the applicator was really soft against my skin.

When applying this foundation, I used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and the results were pretty damn good. The finish was very luminous, without looking oily. It did cling to a few dry patches that I had on my chin, but that is standard, no matter what foundation I’m using. The foundation did settle into the pores around my nose immediately. I think if I wear it again, I will just use a pore reducing primer (I had been wearing the Two Faced Hangover RX Primer).

Although the foundation claims to have “buildable coverage,” I found that I had to use A LOT of product to reach medium coverage (which is what I prefer). As this foundation is the sequel to a VERY full coverage concealer, I was hoping that the foundation would provide a fuller coverage. This was a minor disappointment for me, and in hindsight, I have noticed that a lot of foundations with a “luminous” finish tend to be lighter coverage, anyway.

Overall, I was generally happy with the look of the foundation when I first applied it and had pretty high hopes that it might become a few fave.


I first applied this foundation at about 8:20am. I wore it to work, and then planned to wear it out after work (hopefully) without needing to touch up. With the Shape Tape Concealer, I rarely had to touch up throughout the day, so I assumed that the foundation would be similar.

The foundation held up really well the first 5 – 6 hours. At lunch I received a compliment about my skin, which NEVER happens. I looked in the mirror at 1pm and found that the foundation had creased a little bit on my forehead, but it was nothing too serious, to be honest.

Around 3 or 4pm is when shit started to go downhill... and fast. I was typing away at my desk when a coworker told me that my foundation had rubbed off on my chin “a bit”. I thought nothing of it really, but when I went to the rest room a few minutes later I realized that my chin looked like the actual scales of a lizard. The luminous formula did nothing to hide my dry, flaky skin that was now exposed because the foundation had separated so badly. The area around my nose looked worn, and my forehead was beginning to separate as well.

Luckily I had brought the foundation and some setting powder (Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder) with me, as I was expecting a long day. I quickly touched up my makeup and was so happy to see that the old and new foundation blended seamlessly together.

After work I did have to touch up my chin and forehead again with the loose powder, but the initial shock of watching myself devolve into a lizard person had worn off, so it was really a quick fix. The foundation did begin to feel a bit heavy at this point, unfortunately.

I got home and washed my face at about 9pm, so the total wear time was around 12 – 13 hours. When I got home, I noticed that the foundation had again began to separate on my chin, which was a bit frustrating. Even with powder, setting spray and touch ups throughout the day, the foundation still didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped (or as well as what was claimed).

I typically find that I have to touch up during work, although I rarely have the kind of flaky skin issue that I found myself with while using this foundation (was not expecting this from a so called “Hydrating” foundation).



Pros: Great finish, very easy to blend, easy to touch up (although I touched up more often than I’d like).

Cons: Terrible shade range, disappointing coverage, kind of pricey.

Overall, I didn’t HATE this foundation. And although I won’t be returning it, I think the name and reputation of its predecessor left A LOT to be desired.

I think it’s a decent foundation on its own, so I’m not sure why Tarte felt the need to call back to the Shape Tape Concealer. I also found a lot of the claims to be bullshit and would have probably liked this foundation more if it weren’t trying to ride the “Shape Tape” hype train.

I would recommend this product if you have normal to dry skin and are looking for a quick, easy foundation with light to medium coverage. However, there are drug store foundations that have more shades to choose from, hold up better, have better coverage and cost about a quarter the price.

PRICE: $39 for 1 fl oz