Submission: Everybody Loves Beyoncé…and She Knows It.

“Fangirl the people who never get fangirled. You know the ones: the underdog, the quiet hero, the little guy. They are shy or behind the scenes or difficult or loners. Its boring when the same old obvious people get all the enthusiasm; the spotlight naturally gravitates toward certain folks in our culture, those who fit the template. But the earth is jam-packed with amazing, extra-ordinary people who color outside the narrow lines society deems noteworthy, and they deserve applause too.”

Jen Hatmaker, Of Mess and Moxie, Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life. (p. 211)

A fangirl is obsessive or overly excited about a person, idea, place, or thing. Fangirls are always excited to talk about, promote, and praise the object of their affection. I’m no stranger to this phenomenon. I’ve been known to have fits of fangirl behavior over everything from the newest Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow pallet to the fact that Beyoncé had twins. Recently I read the book Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker and I was surprised that she was also intrigued by the methodology of the fangirl. She wrote a chapter in her book assessing the fact that we are not often fangirls of the people who need it most in our lives. The fangirl chapter of her book made me think long and hard about the simple fact that as women, we’re not as obsessive and crazy over our friends’ accomplishments as we should be.

We’ve all read the studies or listened to the podcasts. We know the statistics. Which sex raises their hands in class more during the undergraduate years of college? Which sex holds the majority of seats in Congress and a majority of State Legislatures? Which sex has never held the position of governor in numerous states across the US? Which sex dominates suite positions at Fortune 500 companies? The answer to these questions is likely no surprise to you. You know their answers like you know the back of your hand. Although these are big issues, I think being a fangirl for each other can help us in the fight against these statistics. It can’t be denied that hearing someone sing your praises makes it easier to keep fighting the good fight. When it comes to female equality, we not only have to work hard in our given fields, but we also have to support each other. We have to sing the praises of our female friends. We have to do this often and loudly. Not only must we help each other out, but we must also recognize each other’s hustle.   

So let’s be fangirls for each other. Whenever you see a woman out there doing something amazing, let her know! Hell, let everybody know! As women, we need to support each other and sing each other’s praises. Receiving support and praise from those around you are building blocks for self confidence and motivation. The truth is, we need each other. When we put out positive vibes for our female friends, we will get those same great vibes back in return. Although Beyoncé is amazing, we’re all aware and so is she. So lets turn our focus to the women in our lives who need that genuine adoration and acknowledgment. 

I propose that we leave #MCM behind and fully embrace #FF or #FangirlFriday. It doesn’t take much ladies. A simple tweet to say “Anna makes the best cakes ever! #FF,” or “Kristine is a baby whisperer, easing my kids to sleep in record time. #FangirlFriday,” or “If Kayla’s egg rolls are wrong, I don’t wanna be right. #FF #FangirlFriday.” You could also shoot out a text to say, “Wow, Madison, your post on Facebook today really hit home for me!” For that matter, next time a friend is giving a speech or being honored in public, go out and heckler her with a kind, “Dr. Anderson rocks!!”

I mean what I say, and I always try to say exactly what I mean. I’ll be putting these thoughts into action on social medial, face to face with my friends, and through direct communication whenever possible. I hope you’ll join me and do the same!

I’m such a fangirl for the women listed below, its hard for me to contain my pride, joy, and admiration to just one sentence, but I’ll try.

Shanna Storage- You juggle your career, your adorable little girls, and family responsibilities with such style and grace. The fact that you are artistic and creative as well blows my mind.

Caitlin Cook- Your passion for people and your command of statistical analysis to support those that need it most is refreshing and exactly what we need in this world.

Eva Phillips- Your signs during the WV teacher strike lit up my life. I’m so proud of your participation and courage. You rocked the boat and it was worth it!

Tara Martinez- Your work at Mana Meal is truly inspiring. I’m so happy to see that you’re out there fighting for not only the homeless, but also food insecure families, through love and compassion.

These are just a few of the women who cause me to flip into fangirl mode. There are so many more of them out there. You better believe I’m going to be telling the world about them soon.

Stay tuned!

Michelle Storage




Michelle is an attorney in Charleston, WV. She is running for Charleston City Council in Ward 19. (As a non-partisan organization, Boss Babes WV does not endorse candidates for any elections.)


Image: Brit & Co.