Interview: Morgantown-based artist Sarah Doyle


Sarah Doyle is exhibiting in Saturday Evening Cartoons, a group exhibit at Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown through April 21. Sarah shares with Boss Babes about how she became an artist, her work in this exhibit, her favorite part about being an artist in Morgantown and more…

BB: How did you end up in West Virginia?

I’m from western New York, a little town called Cuba, but since I’ve moved to WV four times in my life I consider it my home.

BB: How did you come to be an artist?

I’ve always loved to draw and make things. I drew in my parent’s books and on the walls behind the couches when I was a kid, and my folks just gave me more paper to draw on. I learned a lot about Art and creativity at Alfred University.

BB: Tell me about your work in this exhibit and why it’s important to you.

My piece for the show is a pen and ink drawing on paper with watercolors and colored pencil. It’s entitled “Taarna, Last of the Tarakians”. It’s an homage to my favorite character and scene in the animated film Heavy Metal. Taarna is the true hero of the film and a total badass. I saw Heavy Metal when I was 8 at my Grandma’s house. She probably thought it was ok for me to watch because it was a cartoon!


 BB: What is your favorite thing about being an artist/creative/curator in Morgantown?

My favorite thing about being an artist in WV is definitely the other independent, creative, wild, and brave artist who make work here and support each other like everyone at the Artist Collective, M.A.R.S., the Bench, the folks at the M.A.C., the C.A.C., the Art Museum of West Virginia people, and 123 Pleasant St. I think Morgantown is a great place to live if you want to be involved in the Arts.

BB: How do you think it could improve?

If I could change anything about the Arts in WV (and in every state, every country!) it would be more public involvement and investment, more Art in schools, more artist grants, and more art everywhere.

BB: Anything to add?

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Sally Deskins is an artist, writer and curator. She currently serves as Exhibits & Programs Coordinator with West Virginia University Libraries. She also blogs at Wanna be interviewed? Email her at