Submission: 5 Things to Know when Traveling Through West Virginia

Number 1 – Prepare for the Hills

As a native of West Virginia, the rolling hills have never seemed to bother me. Nevertheless, the constant up, down, and around through the mountains can make just about anybody nauseous. Although the hills can provide gorgeous sights for road trips through this wonderful state, not everyone can handle them. If you are traveling with others through West Virginia and you have a tendency to get motion sick, don’t be the hero on this one.

Take a seat, make sure to have a bottle of water and a barf bag, pop a Dramamine, and enjoy the views.

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Number 2 – Stop When You Want To,

Not When You Have To

Driving through West Virginia is a neat experience. As I travel the state in the summers as a camp counselor, I venture to different counties, from Jefferson to Wayne, and from Hancock to Monroe, I get to explore West Virginia. Allowing extra time to stop at any exit that seems interesting has given me the opportunity to see so many places I may not have seen otherwise. Whether its pulling off to visit a funky ice cream place with a weird name or to take the scenic drive for a little while, it is worth it. Permitting yourself to take the chance and go on a mini adventure in your travels through the rolling hills, can absolutely change your road trip for the better.

So, convince your friends to take the extra few miles and stop and grab some local grub.


Number 3 – Eat Local

Number 2 brings me to my Number 3 suggestion for traveling through West Virginia. Even though you may be tempted to grab the generic cheeseburger and fries from the nearest fast food restaurant, eating local will fill your stomach and soul. You can have the chance to eat in an old school bus, or maybe on a spectacular hill top, or maybe listen to local musicians… all while you indulge in tasty cuisine. All of these opportunities in West Virginia can simply be experienced just by eating local when you’re on the road.

Try this shake at My Bella Parties in Hurricane, WV!

Try this shake at My Bella Parties in Hurricane, WV!


From the stereotypical pepperoni rolls or some fabulous gourmet shakes, eating local in West Virginia is more than likely to be a savory encounter. Stop for these resident restaurants, or you will miss out on a great meal and likely end up with cold fries.

Do I need to say anything more about the delicious West Virginia food?


Number 4 – Get to Know the People

West Virginia is a unique place in regard to the type of people that reside here. There are people that have experienced all walks of life. Regardless of if you’ve traveled through West Virginia before or not, you will quickly learn that the residents are kind and helpful. If you need directions, it is likely that someone on the next exit can help you. If you’re looking for somewhere tasty like I advised in my last suggestion, someone at the nearest gas station can probably tell you where to go. If you break down on your way to your destination, you can expect that several people will pull over to help you in any way they can. I could go on and on about the inspiring nature that the people of West Virginia hold. West Virginia is occupied by people with full hearts and generous spirits. They will make you feel at home during your travels through the Mountain State.


Number 5 – Be Ready to Come Back

This dazzling state has a reputation for drawing people back in. From its food to its people to its views, West Virginia has so much to offers. Although the drive can be intimidating, it is well worth it. No matter how much I love traveling, whenever I leave my magnificent state, it’s like a breath of fresh air to return. To many, visiting West Virginia is a getaway. Driving through the hills provides a sense of excitement, of anticipation about what will be around the next curve. I am lucky to travel through West Virginia year-round. While there is much more to West Virginia that just the food, views, and people, I hope you will come figure those out for yourself.




Jada Kuhn is a sophomore at Marshall University. Find her on social @jadaskuhn