Protect Women at the Women's Health Center in Charleston WV

Patients at the Womens Health Center and other healthcare facilities in Charleston city limits need your help with privacy and accessibility.

Councilwoman Caitlin Cook introduced an ordinance that protects patients entering a healthcare facility from being harassed while entering and exiting, ensuring a right to privacy. If you haven't been following, protests at the Women's Health Center of West Virginia twice a week often turn into harassment of the patients and staff. The ordinance protects the First Amendment right to protest ensuring their safety as well.

The bill passed the Rules Committee last night with a 6-1 vote and goes to the full council on Monday.

We need your SUPPORT on Monday at the Charleston City Council meeting on at 7 pm at Charleston City Hall.


  • Show up at Council on Monday. 7:00 PM at Charleston City Hall

  • THANK the Council people who voted YES to pass the bill out of committee

  • KINDLY URGE the full Charleston City Council to pass the bill. Call or email them. They are normal people and want to hear from their constituents or people who love our city. Personalized messages are extremely effective. Tell the council people WHY patients access to all healthcare and a right to privacy is important to you. (CONTACT INFO IS BELOW)

  • Share the graphics below on your social media pages!

Say Thanks To:

Caitlin Cook

Bobby Haas 

Chuck Overstreet 

Tiffany Wesley Plear 

Jeanine Faegre 

Keeley Steele  

Say Please Reconsider to the one CouncilPerson who voted NO on the ordinance:

Courtney Persinger 

Urge these Councilpeople to vote yes on the ordinance:

Pat Jones  

Deanna McKinney 

Adam Knauff 

Robert Sheets (304) 346-1319

Mary Beth Hoover 

Shannon Snodgrass 

Joseph Jenkins  

Brent Burton 

Sam Minardi 

Robert Reishman 

Bruce King 

Will Laird 

Brady Campbell 

Chad Robinson 

Ben Adams 

Becky Ceperley 

Naomi Bays 

Jennifer Pharr

John Kennedy Bailey

Copy of wednesday may 29.png
join us monday june 3 at charleston city council.png

Thanks y’all for your support with this. The Womens Health Center, its staff, volunteers, and patients mean the world to us and have personally saved our lives with their healthcare over the past few decades. We want to protect all patients and protestors alike.