Traveling West Virginia: Fayetteville

The Barn Loft  located in Fayetteville, WV

The Barn Loft located in Fayetteville, WV

Do you ever feel like you get bored with where you are living and have the urge to travel someplace new? Me, all the time. In the past couple of years, I have started to travel my own state (and even city) more and more often, and have been so pleasantly surprised by all of the fun, cool and new things that there are to do. Not only does it save money, but it really deepens appreciation for the people and culture of where I grew up. If you didn't grow up here, you will especially appreciate traveling this beautiful state in search of new sights.

I recently took an overnight trip to Fayetteville, West Virginia. I stayed in the cutest, most low key romantic barn loft and had some yummy food and drinks while watching a summer sunset. Keep reading for your own quick trip guide to one of The Coolest Small Towns in America. 

LSD bowl from Raw & Juicy

LSD bowl from Raw & Juicy


  • Raw & Juicy - I absolutely love this smoothie and juice bar inside (and upstairs) of Cathedral Cafe in downtown Fayetteville. They rotate their menu seasonally, which I always appreciate. You can choose from various juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls with plenty of add-in and topping choices for everyone. Sometimes they have fresh gluten-free and vegan baked goods on to nosh on as well. Both Raw & Juicy and the Cathedral Cafe are locally owned and operated by boss babes.
Not feeling chips and salsa at the Burrito Bar? Sweet potato fries all the way.

Not feeling chips and salsa at the Burrito Bar? Sweet potato fries all the way.

  • The Burrito Bar at Breeze Hill - I don't know about you but I am a real sucker for some chips and salsa, ya'll. Bury me in Mexican food, feel me? The Burrito Bar has such a fun atmosphere, a great beer selection, a beautiful view and live music throughout the week and weekend. They serve their sweet potato fries with a sweet chili sauce and it is divine. Their website indicates that they have a gluten free fryer, so be sure to let them know if you are gluten sensitive so they can accommodate! 
  • Arrowhead Bike Farm - I didn't actually eat anything while at the biergarten at Arrowhead but I did peep the menu which included soft pretzels and some delicious sounding vegan bratwursts doused in curry sauce (uh, yes please). You can camp out at the Bike Farm or just rent a mountain bike and hit the trails.
The Barn Loft


Camping is always a great option for Fayetteville. As much as I love the idea of camping, however, I just can't quite cut it. The Barn Loft is a little gem you can find and book through Airbnb. The property is centrally located in town, but feels far removed. The backyard of the barn is a beautiful clearing lined with trees. There is a swing in the back that is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. You climb the ladder of the barn to be greeted by the cutest open space layout filled with antique and vintage furniture and personal touches. You can watch this quick video tour that I did. There is a mosquito net surrounding the bed, so you don't have to worry about bugs biting you at night! The bathroom is located in the main house, which is where the manager, Holly, lives. She is awesome and I would definitely recommend chatting with her if you get the chance! The guest bathroom is totally yours, so no worries if you prefer privacy. This spot is so unique, charming and quaint - it really is the perfect place to stay in a small town labeled as "one of the coolest".

This is one of the cats, Betsy. She is super sweet. Photo by J Arthur Eary Photography

This is one of the cats, Betsy. She is super sweet. Photo by J Arthur Eary Photography

New to Airbnb? No worries, read more about why I recommend Airbnb.


  • Hiking - I love to hit the trails when I am in in Fayetteville. The most popular are the Endless Wall Loop Trail and the Long Point trail (3.2 miles). Neither will disappoint you and they both end in spectacular views. 
  • Adventuring - Fayetteville is, of course, known for the New River Gorge National River. You can kayak it, raft it or just enjoy some sunshine on the banks. There are lots of mountain bike trail options as well as canopy tours, bridge walks, rock climbing and zip lining. 
  • Shopping - Be sure to check out historic downtown for some unique shopping opportunities. Clothing, crafts, books... and my personal favorite, crystals. They stock beautiful options at the Googly Moogly located just up the road from Secret Sandwich Society. 
  • Live Music - As I mentioned previously, The Burrito Bar has live music regularly. There is also music at The Grove. If you love a festival vibe but don't want to travel far from home, Mountain Music Festival takes place late May/early June at the ACE Adventure Resort. 

That's about it, ya'll. Be a tourist in your own town, in your own state. Let it surprise you. And, as always, support local boss babes when you can.


Kaitlyn Rhodes is a writer & creator from Charleston, WV.She curates our Wellness Wednesday series on Instagram! Find her over at K8CanRelate, a brand she created as a space to show others that it’s safe to share their vulnerabilities, thoughts and emotions.